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  SC Choice FAQs 


What is the basic premise of Care Call?
When a worker arrives at a SC Choice participant's home to begin providing  services, the worker calls Care Call to Check In. If hourly services are being provided, the worker calls Care Call to Check Out when services are complete.  If services are being provided on a fixed rate basis, the worker only needs to Check In.  The worker does not need to Check Out.

What is the Care Call Phone Number?
1-888-978-CARE (2273)

How often is Care Call available?
The toll-free number is available anytime day or night.

What does Care Call allow the worker to do when they call Care Call?
It allows the worker to 1) Check in and Check Out when providing hourly care at a SC Choice participant's home (If fixed rate services are being provided, the worker only needs to Check in.) 2) Enter their Worker ID, identify the SC Choice participant and identify Services during Check In/Out, or 3) Check the SC Choice participant's Medicaid Eligibility Status. 

What are the four keys every worker should know before calling Care Call?
1) Care Call Phone number, 2) their Worker ID, 3) the SC Choice Participant's CLTC #, and 4) the services he or she is providing.

What is the Worker ID?
The worker ID number is an 8-digit number.

What is the CLTC#?
Each participant in the Community Long-Term Care (CLTC) SC Choice program is given his or her own CLTC identification number. This number is found on the authorization sheet for the participant. It is being used by Care Call to identify the SC Choice participant when the worker calls into the system from an unknown place.

What are the services included in SC Choice Care Call?
Personal Care I, Personal Care II, RN, LPN, Personal Assistance - Hourly, Personal Assistance-Fixed, Meals, Adult Day Care, Adult Day Care Nursing, Nutritional Supplements, Incontinence Supplies- Diapers & Pads, Pest Control - Initial  & Ongoing, Environmental Modifications, Personal Emergency Response System, Respite - Home & Institutional, Appliances, Furniture, Non-Covered Supplies, Nurse Supervisory Visits, and Care Advisement.  

Does Care Call replace the use of the HCFA1500 forms for filing claims?
All services entered via the Care Call system will no longer require use of the forms.

What if a worker gets a busy signal?
This should not occur because the vendor, GovConnect, has included enough lines for the expected volume. However, there is always a possibility that on a given day at a given moment the lines may be overwhelmed with calls. If this occurs, please hang up and dial again. In most cases, the lines will be cleared. If it is still busy, try once again and it should be clear. If there is a persistent issue, please notify CLTC as soon as possible.

WHAT DO I DO IF I check in but forget to check out?
Call the SC Choice participant's Care Advisor and let him or her know what you did, what SC Choice participant you were serving, and what time you left the participant.

WHAT DO I DO IF I forget to check in?
If you are near the beginning of your visit, go ahead and do a check in. Then let the participant's Care Advisor know the check in was phoned in late.  Let the Care Advisor know what time you started caring for the SC Choice participant. If you don't remember until the end of your visit, go ahead and check out when you leave. Then call the participant's Care Advisor and let him or her know you forgot to check in and what time you got to the participant's home.


If you are providing fixed personal assistance, you will only need to call the participant's care Advisor and tell him/her that you forgot to call in.

WHAT DO I DO IF I forget to check in and check out (Remember you do not need to check out if you are providing fixed personal assistance.)?
Call the participant's Care Advisor and explain what happened. 

WHAT DO I DO IF I am in the process of checking in and realize I have made a mistake?

Care Call will let you change the information before you complete the check in. You can go back by pressing the # button on the phone during the call or you can go back at the end by pressing 2 to say the information is not correct.

WHAT DO I DO IF I have already checked in and realize I made a mistake?
When you check out, Care Call will give you a chance to change the information and make it correct. Follow the instructions Care Call gives you.

WHAT DO I DO IF I have checked in and checked out and realize I have made a mistake?
Call your supervisor and explain what happened.

What should a worker do if there is an emergency at the participant's home?
He or she should notify the participant's Care Advisor.


Where do I go for Website Help?
Each screen has four tabs to direct the USER to helpful information, such as SC Staff online instructions, Participant online instructions, contact SC DHHS, and Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I customize the Reports I run?
The Report Filtering and Sorting screen is the same for each of the three reports. The difference is in the output of the data.

How do I Access the Care Call Website?
Go to the link under the CLTC instructions tab for Website.

How do I Reconcile Data?
Go to the link under the CLTC instructions tab for Website.

What is an Acceptable Password?
Passwords must be between 6-8 characters in length. 

Why am I getting blank results when I filter the Exception report by A2 only?
When running the Exceptions report, users should not select a specific Worker ID when filtering for A2 exceptions only. If so, it will be a blank report. 
Why does my report show a worker ID in the header line with no name?
During a Care Call Check In, an incorrect Worker ID was entered for one of your participants.

How do I filter a Provider report so I receive the information I'm searching for?
Using the date and another specific search criteria such as Worker ID, you can pinpoint information for a specific worker for the date range selected.

How do I sort my reports correctly so I can view the results by worker?
Currently, you need to filter by one specific date at a time and sort by Worker ID.